Our partners

KioskService has more than 10 years of experience in the market of payment and information terminals. During this time, we have established reliable and trusting relationships with numerous partners.

Among them:

  • PAYTerminal - https://pay-terminal.com.ua/ - a company that leases your place for the installation of payment terminals in Odessa. Also, its services include renting payment terminals for your business, events and repair of vending equipment.

  • i-Touch - https://i-touch.com.ua/ - company-provider of touch screens. You can buy vandal-resistant and armored touch screens in their online store. Its products include high quality infrared, capacitive and SAW monitors.

  • Keetouch - https://keetouch.ua/ - official representative of Keetouch in Ukraine. Among its services: sale of touch monitors of various manufacturing technology: infrared, SAW and capacitive.

  • LedScreen - http://led-screen.com.ua/ - company-manufacturer of LED video screens and LED lighting fixtures on a narrow and industrial scale.

  • Creoplan - https://creoplan.com.ua/ - a company engaged in the manufacture of products from hard and soft epoxy resin. Its range includes jewelry, furniture (including tables), decor elements.

  • CyberWash - https://cyberwash.com.ua/ - company for the sale of robotic contactless car washes. Its services include ready-made business solutions with delivery, installation and connection of equipment throughout Ukraine.

  • AvtoExpert - https://avtoexpert.com.ua/ - online store of new car parts from the manufacturer and used auto parts from its own car assembly. The advantage of the company is a wide range of products for different brands of cars from 1995 to 2020.

KioskService is one of the leaders in Ukraine in the sale of vending equipment. Here you can buy a payment terminal, information kiosk, as well as their components.

If you want to become our partner, contact the company's manager by phone, listed in the contacts, or by writing to us in messengers.